Michael's 25th Psalm

An acrostic praise psalm written 12 September 1999

Great is our Father in Heaven!
       Joy flows from His throne!
Out of His mouth flow words of life.
       Eternal life rides on His speech.
Doors to life and righteousness open at His command.
       Shout for joy at God's provision!
In God's presence, we are well supplied.
       Unity and love beget generosity.
Show us Your power, Lord!
       Show your supernatural love to all of your children!
God, we want more of you.
       Renew our minds with your Word.
Only you satisfy our souls forever.
       Every word from your mouth sustains us.
Out of God's mouth come words of life.
       Daily I long to hear from my Father.
Do your mighty works among us, Lord!
       Eagerly we look for your healing, protection, and provision.
Although we are surrounded by a needy world, we trust our God.
       Even when things look impossible, our Father provides all of our needs.
Look for God's full supply, for he is faithful.
       Mercy abounds with our God.
Walk in love always.
       Enemies cannot overcome love.
Allow us to know your best plans, Father!
       Daily lead us as we seek you, dear God.
You are our reason to live, Father.
       Under your protection, we thrive.
Sing praises to Yahweh Almighty!
       Shout for joy at Messiah's redemption!

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