Michael’s Psalm 115

Jesus is Alive Now!

Written by Michael Johnson 16 April 2017 (20 Nisan 5777)

Hallelujah! The Lord is risen!
    Jesus is alive, now!
Even death and Hell could not destroy our Savior!
    Eternal love rose from the dead!
Insults and torture beyond reason killed the Prince of Peace.
    Sin, sorrow, and sickness were laid on the Messiah.
Such as we deserved, Jesus bore.
    Under our condemnation, the Messiah was executed.
Righteousness personified died in our place.
    Sinless, He carried our sin.
In our place, He even descended to Hell.
    In the depths of Hades, Jesus preached.
Suddenly, Jesus took the keys and left Hades.
    Son of God and Son of Man left the grave.
Every unclean spirit fled.
    All demons together could not stop Jesus.
New life returned to Jesus' healed body!
    Life flooded in and death fled!
In glory Jesus showed Himself alive.
    Independent observers saw him walk and talk.
Nothing can stop our God!
    Victory is ours in Christ Jesus!
Defeat was a temporary illusion.
    Enemies only thought they won.
Everlasting life is now ours.
    Nothing can stop God's plan.
Every word spoken by Father God comes to pass.
    Out of Yahweh's mouth comes power and authority.
Dear Father, we worship you!
    Wonderful Savior, we thank you!

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